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The Fire Time Magazine is Here

Like many of you, we know that an instant void was created as soon Hearth & Home Magazine closed their doors in early September.

That’s why we are excited to tell you about The Fire Time Magazinea new digital magazine that will be a voice in our industry going forward.

While the content of Hearth & Home Magazine was general industry information, The Fire Time Magazine will be laser-focused on teaching companies how to run a better business in the Hearth & BBQ Industries.

The debut issue of The Fire Time Magazine is available right now (with its monthly release beginning in March, 2021). Best of all, there are two ways to read it:

If you download the app, every issue of the magazine will be sent right to your phone or tablet—this is the best format for the magazine by far!

Read The Fire Time Magazine through your web browser:

If you don’t want to download the app, each issue will be available online as well through our web-browser viewer. Watch the instructional video below and then click the link to check it out!

Now that you've watched the video, click here to read The Fire Time Magazine on your web browser. *Please note that the web browser view only works on a desktop/laptop. If you are on a smartphone or tablet, make sure to download the app above.*

If you don't have the app and want to have every issue of The Fire Time Magazine sent to your inbox, you can sign up for free right here:

We know that this publication needs to give you incredible value if it's going to survive. That's why the content in The Fire Time Magazine is going to come from a core group of expert contributors from our industry, including:

  • Mike Anschultz (A2Z Fireplace Sales - Sales Rep)

  • Brion Barnhill (Barnhill Chimney - Retailer)

  • Grant Falco (Falco's - Retailer)

  • Jenna Guldin (Salter's - Retailer)

  • Casey Harvey (Ray Murray - Distributor)

  • Chris Neufeld (Blaze King - Manufacturer)

  • Peter Parsons (The Tin Man Inc. - Retailer)

  • Edmund Poplawski (All Fired Up Sales - Sales Rep)

  • Art Ratcliffe (Mendota - Sales Rep)

  • Tim Reed (The Fire Time Podcast - Host)

  • Bill Sendelback (Former Writer for Hearth & Home Magazine)

  • Plus many more to be announced soon!

We are so excited to see how this magazine helps you grow your business. Please make sure to download the app and spread the word! Sincerely, Tim Reed & Grant Falco PS. Make sure to follow The Fire Time Magazine on Instagram and Facebook to take part in the HUGE giveaway we are doing for people who want to help spread the word (you really don't want to miss this).



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