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ASHRAE 62.2 Ban on Vent-Free Appliances Moves out of Committee

The ASHRAE 62.2 Committee convened in January for the group’s Winter Conference. The Committee discussed Addendum ‘j,’ which would prohibit all vent-free heaters in ASHRAE 62.2-compliant homes. Commenters opposing Addendum ‘j’ addressed the committee in hopes of either modifying or overturning the addendum. Despite a lively discussion and industry opposition, the 62.2 Committee is moving forward with Addendum ‘j’ and will soon send official responses to commenters. Before the addendum becomes part of the 62.2 standard, both the Standards Committee and then the ASHRAE Board of Directors need to approve it. Opponents of Addendum ‘j’ are expected to file an appeal on procedural and substantive grounds.


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