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Upcoming Events

HPBExpo 2024

Music City Center

Nashville, Tennessee

February 13-15, 2024


We long for timeless rituals. Building a fire on a chilly evening. Your annual hamburger cook-off. Celebrating an anniversary under the stars. When you design an indoor- outdoor project, you aren’t just following a plan — you’re creating a space for life to unfold. From state-of-the-art barbecues to roaring fire pits, HPBExpo is where you’ll find everything your clients need to turn moments into memories. But they’re not the only ones with traditions. Getting together this year is special for us too. It’s time to return to the industry’s premier event. It’s time for HPBExpo.

Expo Kick-Off Reception 

Tin Roof | Nashville, Tennessee

Monday, February 12, 2024

5:30 PM to 7:00 PM


This annual get-together at the HPBExpo is exclusively for hearth, patio, and barbecue professionals in the MWHPBA & MSHPBA affiliate. Next year’s reception will be on a new night - Monday, February 12 - in Nashville, TN.  

Online Training

Interactive Online Zoom Meetings

Throughout the year, MWHPBA will be offering our members FREE live webinars on a variety of topics – sales and marketing, technical, and service and install. Members will need to register for these events in order to receive the Zoom login information for each event. Sessions will be posted as they become available or members can view some of our previously recorded sessions in the Members Only section on this site.

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