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Back To Barbecue

Consumer Promotions

With COVID-19 keeping consumers at home and many retailers closed, HPBA is launching “Back to Barbecue Day” through the #WhyIGrill campaign, Saturday, May 23. We have developed a tool kit for you to use as you choose to promote Back to Barbecue day to your customers and ensure they continue to think about their local grill retailers.



Consumer Promotions

Tell the world what fires you up by sharing #WhyIGrill today. Flavor, nostalgia, fun, relaxation – whether you just bought your very first grill or you’re an expert pitmaster – why do you grill? Discover why others are grilling and share your story with #WhyIGrill.


Burn Wise

Consumer Handouts

Burn Wise is a program which promotes the importance of burning the right wood, the right way, in the right appliance. Free educational materials can be ordered or printed directly from EPA’s site to hand out in your store.

Order Materials
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