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NFI Website Format Change – Simplified Pricing

In an effort to simplify the NFI website, we are making several improvements to the site. One of those improvements and most noticeable areas of change is the pricing section. We are not raising our prices! Currently there are three price choices when you select items from the website: HPBA Member price (30% discount), NFI or CSIA Certified price (20% discount) and Retail price. Moving forward only the Retail price will be shown, and you will have to enter a code if you are an HPBA Member or NFI/CSIA Certified. Once you enter the Coupon Code during checkout, the price will automatically be adjusted to the same price that it has been.

Where to get codes

  • MWHPBA Members can get their code by logging into the Members Only Section of the MWHPBA web site or calling 314-256-9926.

  • CSIA certified technicians can get their code from CSIA

  • NFI Certified Technicians can get their code by emailing

These changes will take place in June 15th. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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