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Reopening: What Will It Look Like?

Once states decide the COVID-19 public health crisis has abated sufficiently to begin easing restrictions, the reopening process in each state will likely resemble a reversal of the initial order of shutdowns we witnessed on a rapid basis in March. Initially, large crowds at sporting events and concerts were restricted, followed by restrictions on even smaller gatherings. Then, restaurants were shut down, plus personal services, most retail, and all remaining non-essential businesses. Finally, essential businesses were defined and certain safety mandates ordered (including wearing masks and proper social distancing).

We’ll likely see a slow reversal of this shutdown combined with the implementation of safety mandates we currently see in essential businesses (such as grocery stores) today. First, those remaining non-essential businesses will begin to reopen if certain criteria are met. Next, states could begin reopening retail stores, personal service shops, and restaurants to the public. Each industry will likely require their own safety precautions. Read more on this on MultiState Insider.

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