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HPBA Day on Capital Hill a Success

On Thursday, October 24th, nearly 30 HPBA members met with more than 60 congressional offices to promote changeout program legislation and biomass stove tax credit legislation.

For our HPBA members, this was their chance to talk with members of Congress and their staff about the issues impacting our industry and their local businesses. We built on existing connections on the Hill and forged new bonds with elected officials whom we hadn’t met with before. We used this opportunity to remind them that their legislative actions could have significant implications for our members – their constituents. It is crucial for our members to remain active on Capitol Hill to make sure our voices are heard and not left out of key policy discussions.

HPBA continues to work with members of Congress and HPBA members on building and strengthening these relationships. A full-length blog post will soon be posted on HPBA’s website with a full report and key takeaways about why engaging with your elected officials is more important than ever.

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