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NFI Reference Manuals

The 6th Edition NFI Reference Manuals for Woodburning, Gas and Pellet are now available. New orders for NFI manuals will be filled with these new versions. In preparation for changes that will come to the NFI exams in 2019, the information from the 5th edition is separated into two separate manuals. The Core Material Reference Manual will contain information that any person that is certified in Woodburning, Gas, or Pellet should know. The Woodburning, Gas, and Pellet manuals will each cover topics for that specific fuel type. You will receive both the Core manual and the manual for the specific fuel type until the new exams are ready. You must study both manuals to take the current exams. For complete details, contact NFI at 703-524-8030 or Read about all the details about the upcoming changes to the NFI exam format.

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