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Proposed Fire Pit Ban in Schiller Park, IL

Southwest Fireplace Speaks on Behalf of Our Industry

On February 18, 2016, Schiller Park, IL had a second discussion at their board meeting regarding a ban on outdoor fire pits under Section VIII, 9, D under Public Safety. These discussions were brought fourth due to a number of complaints regarding smoke from outdoor fire pits. In an effort to prevent a ban, Dan Devlin, MWHPBA Illinois State Code Coordinator, spoke on behalf of MWHPBA at this meeting. John Ivancicts, VP Operations for Southwest Fireplace and MWHPBA member, was also in attendance. "I am here representing our industry because what happens in one community tends to filter out to others." Mr. Devlin shared with the Schiller Park board the importance of language should an ordinance be passed and that they take the time to define what a fire pit was and the different fuel types. Mr. Devlin asked the board take into consideration educating the public on fire pit safety rather than a ban.

"The outdoor room concept is very popular in this community, and fireplace and fire pits are a big part of outdoor rooms. We encourage safe use with spark guards and placing the pits a safe distance from the home to prevent fires, and burning the proper fuel in order to reduce smoke. I hope that the idea of family and friends gathering around a fire pit and burning with consideration to others is taken into account if or when an ordinance is drafted."

The board was very receptive to Mr. Devlin's presentation and took no action at this time. They asked for Dan and John's contact information should they need any additional assistance or information on fire pits and the fireplace industry. MWHPBA would like to thank Dan Devlin and John Ivancicts for taking time out of their busy schedules to address this issue and for their help in preventing an ordinance being passed without careful consideration.

Dan Devlin is a current MWHPBA board member, past president, and IL code coordinator and former Region V board representative of HPBA. He has served these organizations for more than 10 years. He is president of Southwest Fireplace for the past 20 years, and has 3 retail hearth, patio and barbecue stores in Aurora, Palos Park, and Frankfort IL.

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