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Two New Products and One Reminder

The National Fireplace Institute is happy to announce a new service that will make taking the NFI exam more convenient than ever. You can now take the NFI exam from your own home or office. Most any computer with a web cam and microphone will work. Now you can take the exam at HPBExpo, many HPBA Affiliate events, some manufacturer and/or distributor meetings, at any of the 500+ LaserGrade computer test sites OR through our new online service. There is a $40 surcharge to pay for the proctoring service. For complete details call the NFI office at 703-524-8030. We also have a new package of online classes available for a very reasonable price. We have put our top 12 online woodburning technical classes together in a special grouping. You can access all 12 for $129. This package is graciously sponsored by Mason-Lite Fireplaces. You can purchase the package at Simply look for the "2016 Woodburning Top 12" course title in the list. Finally, don't forget that all our manuals are now available in a Protected PDF format. The NFI Reference manuals are a great source of information if they are available when you need them. The Protected PDF format allows you to have it on your laptop or tablet and search for the answer right on the spot. Please remember, the Protected PDF files cannot be copied or printed.

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