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Special NFI Announcement for CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps

If you are a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep you are well on your way to also obtaining an NFI Certification. Two years ago, we broke our certification exams into two parts. To be NFI certified, you have to pass the Core Knowledge exam as well as the exam for the fuel type(s) you want to be certified in. Effective immediately, currently certified CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps do not have to take the Core Knowledge exam. After extensive research, we are convinced that the knowledge you need to pass the NFI Core Knowledge Certification exam is also included in the CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep exam. Here are some details:

  • Your CSIA Certification must be current. We will check the CSIA search function on their website. If you are current, you should be listed. If you are not listed, you need to square that away with CSIA before we can proceed.

  • There is a $50 application fee. Go to the NFI website, click on the “Store” link at the top of the page and look for the CSIA Core Exemption category. It will walk you through the payment process.

  • You do not have to create an account in the NFI website. We’ll take care of that for you.

  • Once you go through the payment process you will see an attached PDF application. You can fill it out, save it to your computer and send it to Mary Jo Nadeau at

  • Mary Jo will verify your status with CSIA and process the application.

  • Purchase the manual and exam package for Woodburning, Gas and/or Pellet. You are not NFI certified until you successfully pass the exam for at least one of the three fuel types.

  • When you pay for the fuel-type exam(s), be sure to use the proper coupon code. If your company is a member of HPBA you qualify for a 30% discount. If not, but you are CSIA certified you qualify for a 20% discount. The coupon code does NOT apply to the $50 application fee.


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