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Be Ready for the Season: Study Up on the Tax Credit Details

As the selling season draws nearer, HPBA has been receiving an increasing number of inquiries about the tax credit from consumers – a sure sign that customers are out shopping, but sometimes receiving incorrect or outdated advice. Make sure you are up to date on the tax credit and what it means. Be a resource to your customers. HPBA has an extensive FAQs resource about the wood and pellet heater tax credit, as well as a shareable consumer handout. Visit HPBA’s website to answer any questions you might have. HPBA’s guidance is comprehensive and is updated as new information is published. Feel free to contact Rachel Feinstein with any questions that are not answered by our website.

HPBA is working to extend the new Section 25(D) tax credit past its expiration date of December 31, 2023. We are lobbying to include language in the Congressional infrastructure package that would increase the credit amount to 30 percent for purchases and installations completed in 2022 through 2027 and a 26 percent credit for purchases and installations completed in 2028. Urge your Senators and Representative to support this language using this link.


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