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Donation of Remaining Step 1 Wood Heaters and Parts for Tax Deduction

With the Step 2 effective date quickly approaching, it can be expected that businesses will have some Step 1 stoves left in their inventory. To address this, HPBA reached out to and received official word from EPA that a simple donation program could be set up with qualifying non-profit organizations. These approved non-profit organizations will manage the ownership and distribution of the stoves to identified homeowners who are supported by the organization. Although May 15 is quickly approaching, you need only complete a donation form before the effective date. They don’t need to physically have the product, only the “transfer of ownership” must be completed before May 15. For more information about the pre-approved non-profits, how to donate products, FAQs, and to submit a donation form, visit our website at Contact Rachel Feinstein ( if you have any questions.

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