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Urge Congress to Provide Step 1 Sell Through Period in COVID-19 Relief Package

The U.S. Congress has been working on multiple pieces of legislation that would provide relief to Americans in the wake of impacts by the coronavirus (COVID-19). So far, enacted legislation has addressed general small business concerns and tax policy, but not industry-specific relief.

The EPA’s Step 2 deadline of May 15, 2020 still stands, regardless of closures and the lack of foot traffic as a result of coronavirus mitigation measures. HPBA sent a letter to Congressional leadership and proposed legislative language that would extend the retail sales deadline for Step 1 products until December 31, 2020.

Send emails to your elected officials now, urging them to include Step 1 product sales relief in a future coronavirus package. AN email template can be accessed via HPBA Legislation Action Center.

Please feel free to personalize your message with information about:

  • How many employees you have

  • What sales or promotions to sell Step 1 products have been interrupted

  • How the shutdowns/lack of customers has impacted you

Thank you for your dedication to our industry.

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