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Tell Congress to Support New Wood Heater Legislation

Last week, Congressman Peterson (D-MN) introduced legislation that would extend the Step 2 effective date of EPA's rule for new residential wood heaters by three years, from May 15, 2020 to May 15, 2023. The bill, the "Relief from New Source Performance Standards Act" (H.R. 453), gives manufacturers more time to develop and pitch newly - compliant appliances and would protect retailers from being faced with stranded products in retail stores at great expense. This week is crucial to build momentum for our bill. We need 40 cosponsors right away! You must act NOW!

We need you to take a couple minutes now to send a pre-written email to your Representative asking for their support!

Click HERE to send an email and/or tweet to your Representative.

  • To Login: Use your work email and work zip code. If you are not in our system, you will be asked to quickly register.

  • If your Representative has already signed onto the bill: You will be provided with a pre-written thank you message.

Why do we support an extension of the regulation rather than a complete repeal?

  • A repeal of the regulation will make business even harder.

  • A complete repeal of the NSPS would result in a scenario in which each state would be able to create their own standard and manufacturers would have to create different products for each state's different set of requirements. This makes products more expensive and reduces variety.

  • This situation would be very similar but more complicated than what our industry currently faces with different licensing laws in different jurisdictions.

  • We are not opposed to federal rules, we just want them to be reasonable and attainable.

We can get this bill passed, but only with your help! TAKE ACTION NOW.

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