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What is a URC?

Starting in 2013 the NFI Board of Governors added one last step to the renewal process. We update each manual and exam every three years. But how do we know those that renew by CEUs are aware of the changes? So, we created an "Update and Reinforcement Course" (URC) for each fuel type. This class is usually between 1-2 hours and it simply reviews the manual changes and other important topics. It is required to renew by CEUs. You can take the class within one year of your expiration date. It is offered at Expo, at some HPBA Affiliate events and online. When you process your payment to renew, we check your records. If you have already taken the class, your certification renewal is processed. If you have not taken the class, we send you the log in information to take the class online. There is no additional charge for this class. But, your certification renewal is not completed until you take it. If you are certified in more than one fuel type, there is an URC for each one. Anytime you have questions, please feel free to contact us at 703-524-8030 or

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