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Resources When You Need to Hire New Employees

Hiring and Retaining Exceptional

Employees I'll never make a good Human Resources Manager. Interviewing potential employees is not my favorite job. Ted Topping, one of our favorite speakers at HPBExpo, took our Hiring & Retaining manual that was first published in 1999 and updated it based on the best hiring practices of today. Then, he conducted an industry survey and reported what is actually happening in the hearth industry. Practical suggestions and sample forms are included in this very handy handbook for those that need to hire new employees. Hearth 101: Introduction to Hearth Systems

Imagine what goes through the mind of a new employee. Look at all that we are expected to know. Hearth 101 lays out the hearth industry in a systematic format so that new employees understand the basics as well as the vast amount of information they will be learning. This manual is perfect for every employee. Certainly sales & technical personnel, but also your receptionist and even the bookkeeper. We've had entire companies go through the online version of Hearth 101. It lays a great foundation. Both manuals are available at, simply click on the Online Store. Both classes are available as a manual only or with an online class that will help guide you through the manual.

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