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NFI Math

One of the keys to passing the NFI exam is to brush up on your math skills. Do you remember when you thought that all those formulas we learned in school would never be used in the "real" world? Guess what, they are and we need to use them every day. There are three suggestions to preparing for the math portions of the NFI exam:

  1. Bring a calculator. Trying to determine the square root of a number without a calculator is very difficult. You are allowed to use a handheld calculator when you take the exam. You are NOT allowed to use your cell phone app. Bring a calculator with you!

  2. There is a class in the HE@RTH Online Training Subscription Catalog called "NFI Math". It is a recording of an excellent presentation by Tom Parks at HPBExpo 2015. This 90 minute presentation reviews many of the math formulas you may encounter on the exam.

  3. We also have a FREE class available online called "NFI Math". A college student prepared this class as part of her master's degree program. It doesn't cover all the topics, but will give you a head start on some crucial subjects. We hope to have her cover more topics in the coming months. This class is available to everyone, whether you have a subscription or not. Go to: to access the class.

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